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Creamy Orzo Mediterranean Tomato Soup

Deliciously and filling this Tomato soup a a welcome change from the canned version.

Sometimes all I have the energy for making is tomato soup. After all it is a quick easy crowd pleaser. But then comes the dreading question, What to eat with tomato soup? That's what I love about this recipe. The orzo makes this a filling meal all by itself. Perfect for a cold weather day or packing up into lunch boxes or to take to the office.

What is Orzo?

If you have never had it you might be wondering what Orzo is. Orzo is a type of pasta that is rice shaped. Although it looks like a type of grain, orzo is a form of pasta made from durum wheat. This small pasta is categorized as pastina which means "little pasta"; these tiny pasta shapes are often used in soup in Italian cuisine. Its great in soups as it adds a wonderful texture and and body, which is what makes this tomato soup so satisfying and filling to eat. The paprika gives it a nice gentle hint of smokiness.


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