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Side for your Sunday Dinner

When you are busy preparing comfort foods for your Sunday dinner, don’t forget about the side dishes!

Growing up weekdays were always buzzing with activity, but we alway made an extra special effort with Sunday dinner. To this day I have kept this tradition, and find myself putting in that extra bit of effort for Sunday night.

This is the perfect opportunity to put a new spin on old favorites, particularly when choosing vegetable side dishes.

Green Beans

A simple vegetable side dish you can prepare for your Sunday dinner with comfort foods are green beans. This is great because green beans are easy to prepare, low in fat and calories, and go with most types of main dishes. There are also a lot of ways to prepare this versatile vegetable. You can go the simple method by cooking them with some butter and salt and pepper, or you can roast them and sprinkle on some garlic and other seasonings. Another method is to top them with some sautéed onions and bacon or pancetta for a bit of protein added to the side dish. If you want something really special or have particularly picky veggie eaters be sure to check out this southern green bean recipe sure to please everyone at your table.


Similar to green beans, carrots are also a versatile vegetable that provide you with a lot of different flavor options. You can cook the carrots in the oven, on the stove, or in a casserole with the other ingredients. You can add some flavoring to your carrots by going with a nice garlic butter seasoning. One of my favorite preparations it is roast them with a little bit of honey, a tablespoon of orange juice and a pinch or two of cumin. a Carrot add a color to plate too and these days you can get purple carrots! Some seasonings to add include salt, pepper, garlic salt, and some parsley to garnish it when you’re done.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are in season during the fall, so they are often chosen for fall dinners, as well as being a good side dish for holiday dinners like Thanksgiving. A popular recipe is to make balsamic roasted brussels sprouts. This helps to cover up some of the bitterness of this vegetable and flavors it with balsamic vinegar, honey, seasonings, and olive oil. They will come out soft on the inside and flavorful with just a little bit of crispiness on the outside from the roasting.


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